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“Sahur Hero” goes out at 2am to give food to those in need

Full time student, Ruzaini Syazwan has been able to give out 250 meals under a project called the #UmbrellaInitiativeSG




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Singapore—Another example of a Singaporean doing acts of kindness amid the coronavirus outbreak is that of a young student, Ruzaini Syazwan, who has been delivering meals to the needy before dawn ever since Ramadan started.

For some time now, those in need have depended on mosques for meals during Ramadan, with mosques giving both sahur (pre-dawn) and iftar (break fast) meals in communities for free.

This year, however, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, mosques, like other houses of faith, have temporarily closed their doors. When they’ll be open again is still uncertain.

Instead of leaving the ones dependent on these meals to go hungry, Mr Ruzaini has been leaving his house in the wee hours of the morning in order to attend to their needs.

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On his own, he began an endeavour to help the less fortunate who may be suffering during Ramadan. For him, the Muslims who are privileged don’t have to fight hunger and lack, but “can already feel how different Ramadan is without the mosques. So I started to wonder about those who depend on the mosques for their sahur and iftar meals. How will they cope?”

Others have donated to this worthy cause, but it is Mr Ruzaini himself who collects these donations, buys what is needed, and then distributes them to the less fortunate—while most Singaporeans are in bed, asleep.

When he began #UmbrellaInitiativeSG, he was only able to give out 20 food packs daily. At present, he is distributing up to 50 food packs.

In total, he has been able to give out 250 meals under a project called the #UmbrellaInitiativeSG, he said in posts on his Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday (Apr 29).

Mr Ruzaini wrote, “We have managed to distribute a total of 250 meals so far. We intend to follow through with this initiative all the way through to raya. Your help with be greatly appreciated and let’s do good during this Ramadan.”

Those who are interested in helping are encouraged to make their contributions via paynow at 87481432 or bank trf to POSB Savings 438781021. He also wrote that people could reach out to him via Instagram at r.syazi.

Berita Mediacorp, which featured Mr Ruzaini’s inititiatve in this video on Tuesday (Apr 28), reported that it is not only Muslims who are benefiting from Mr Ruzaini’s kindness. While 20 homeless people are receiving meals, 30 non-Muslims have also been given food.

Kisah Pengorbanan "Wira Sahur"

Bermula 2.30 pagi setiap hari sepanjang bulan Ramadan ini, pengasas #UmbrellaInitiativeSG mula membeli dan mengagihkan makanan sahur buat golongan yang memerlukan termasuk gelandangan. Ikuti kisah "wira sahur" ini yang turut berkongsi cabarannya dalam melaksanakan usaha murni ini.

Posted by BERITAmediacorp on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

As a full-time student of Nanyang Polytechnic, Mr Ruzaini attends classes online from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and then hurries to bring Iftar meals to the needy as soon as they are over.

After this, he takes a break to rest.

A few hours later, he gets up again to deliver the pre-dawn meals.

The young “Sahur Hero” has admitted that his schedule at the moment is very demanding, nevertheless, he persists in doing good.

“How big of a difference you make doesn’t matter. Taking the first step is more important. Everything else will fall into place once you take that first step,” he’s quoted by Berita Mediacorp as saying. —/TISG

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