International Business & Economy OCBC Manager allegedly made staff rewrite resignation letter to make himself look...

OCBC Manager allegedly made staff rewrite resignation letter to make himself look good




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Facebook user Chester Ang shared that his Manager at OCBC rewrote his resignation letter – just so that it would make the Manager look good. The user identified the Manager as Kenneth Chen from the Telesales department of the bank.

Chester’s original letter read:

“Hi Kenneth Chen,

This is to notify you that I, Ang Chong Kiak Chester, wish to terminate my service with the company. Accordingly to my contract, I have to serve 1 week notice. My last day of service shall be on 28th October 2016.”
1The Manager rewrote the notice of resignation to read:

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“Dear Mr Kenneth Chen,

Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation as a Telesales Executive from OCBC Bank, effective from 21/10/2016. Kindly take note that my last day at work shall be on 28/10/2016.

Leaving OCBC was a difficult decision. I was recruited to this position and I want you to know it took numerous prodding to create any interest on my part. Once I finally took a look at this opportunity, it offered such significant career growth and challenges that professionally speaking I could not turn it down. To Kenneth Chen, thank you for your mentorship and guidance. You have made important contributions to my professional development. I enjoyed working with you and wish you all the professional and personal success possible.

I intend to make this transition as smooth as possible. I will tie up loose ends before I leave. Of course I am able to help at anytime. I will give you my number so that you can reach me if there is a need. I appreciated my time here and will always speak highly of this company as an employer.”
Chester said that he did not sign the edited notice of resignation, but instead tore it up.
3Chester added that his Manager saw his Facebook post but claimed that he was only trying to make Chester look good in his portfolio. Chester said:

“He have already seen this and still trying to cover his ass by saying he was helping me look good on my portfolio. I really don’t dig these kind of corporate bullshit. I resign, I give you a simple resignation letter. I don’t write bad things about you, you dont try to add credits to yourself. I don’t have to write false claims and stuffs to ensure my next employment. But I sure do know that if I signed that piece or shit, i will be doubting my own conscience and integrity.”

Commenters on his post asked if his Manager was a Facebook user with the handle kenken82. The Facebook profile is now no longer viewable to members of the public.

Facebook user Adrian Oh who commented on Chester’s post said that when Adrian resigned the same manager edited his resignation letter as well.

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