SINGAPORE: Singapore’s workplace landscape is seeing a notable shift, with banks as the top contenders for coveted spots on LinkedIn’s list of the top 15 companies to work with.

CNBC’s make it reported that according to Ms Pooja Chhabria, head of editorial for Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn, although commercial banking led the list, the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biomed sectors stood out, with five companies ranking high in the top 15:

  1. DBS Bank
  2. Schneider Electric
  3. Standard Chartered Bank
  4. American Express
  5. OCBC Bank
  6. Singlife (a subsidiary of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company)
  7. Procter & Gamble
  8. BD (Becton Dickinson and Co)
  9. Abbott
  10. Mastercard
  11. Takeda
  12. Roche
  13. S&P Global
  14. Alphabet Inc.
  15. HSBC

“​​Commercial banking firms from banking to insurance and digital payments, dominated the 2024 LinkedIn Top Companies in Singapore, comprising more than half of the top 15 (up from 5 in 2023),” Ms Chhabria said.

She added that “this is no surprise,” mentioning that “Singapore is a well-established financial hub” in the region, boasting stable regulatory frameworks and a growing embrace of digital banking solutions.

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LinkedIn’s evaluation criteria were based on eight key pillars: career advancement opportunities, skill development, company stability, and gender diversity.

The list, released on Wednesday, features only companies with 500+ employees in Singapore by the end of 2023. Recruiting firms, schools, and government agencies aren’t included. 

Reflecting on the rankings, Ms Chhabria notes the dynamic nature of the list, with only six companies retaining their positions from the previous year.

This turnover underscores the intense competition among firms to attract top talent and foster meaningful career pathways for employees. /TISG

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