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In an exclusive interview with British media powerhouse GB News, former U.S. President Donald Trump didn’t mince words when discussing the possibility of Prince Harry facing repercussions over alleged discrepancies in his visa application. A the same time saying that no special privileges would be given to the Duke of Sussex.

The bombshell revelation came during a tête-à-tête with renowned presenter and outspoken Harry critic, Nigel Farage. As Farage probed Trump about the Duke’s visa status, the former president hinted at dire consequences if Harry indeed misled authorities regarding his history with drugs. “It’s a serious matter,” Trump declared.

Could Prince Harry be forced to bid farewell to the United States?

Harry’s admission of past drug use in his memoir “Spare” sent shockwaves across the pond, prompting the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, to take legal action to unearth the truth behind his immigration records.

And now, with a judge’s recent ruling ordering the disclosure of Harry’s visa application details, the plot thickens, setting the stage for a potential showdown of royal proportions.

No special privileges for Prince Harry

Farage, a staunch ally of Trump, didn’t pull any punches, questioning whether Harry should receive any preferential treatment. Trump’s response was unequivocal: no special privileges, just “appropriate action” if the allegations hold.

But what does “appropriate action” entail? Could it mean Prince Harry’s expulsion from American soil? Trump tantalizingly teased, “You’ll have to tell me.”

Since they departed from royal duties and subsequent relocation to the sunny shores of California, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been embroiled in a bitter battle with the British monarchy. From bombshell interviews to explosive documentaries and tell-all books, the couple has relentlessly claimed mistreatment and neglect by the royal family and its cohorts.

As tensions escalate and the spotlight intensifies, one thing is clear — the saga of Harry and Meghan continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving the public at the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this royal drama.

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