International Business & Economy Netizens takes SatayBros at D'rubinah Sembawang to task for 'cheating' him of...

Netizens takes SatayBros at D’rubinah Sembawang to task for ‘cheating’ him of 3 satay sticks




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Facebook user Mohammed Bashir Ismail Khan took a satay seller at Sembawang to task for cheating him of 3 satay sticks. He said that he specifically told the seller at SatayBros at D’rubinah Sembawang to ensure that there were 50 sticks of the grilled meat.

He said that he asked them to ensure the number of sticks because he had been cheated by other satay sellers before, and he thought that it was not a coincidence. But when his son counted the number of sticks when he got home, it was 3 satay sticks short.

Posted by Mohammed Bashir Ismail Khan on Tuesday, 14 March 2017

He said that at 80 cents a stick, the grilled meat was not cheap and that he was sharing his experience because he wants customers who buy satay to be more careful to get the bang for the buck.

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The satay seller earlier got back to Mr Bashir’s post and apologised for shortchanging him explaining that the griller must have missed those 3 sticks satay due to the heavy orders they had that night.

As expected..very typical malay satay seller..and this is not the 1st time either…..I BOUGHT 50STICKS OF SATAY..AND…

Posted by Mohammed Bashir Ismail Khan on Sunday, 12 March 2017

In another post the satay seller said that he will give Mr Bashir complimentary satay sticks the next time he come by his stall.

The owner of SatayBros at D’rubinah Sembawang. Eddie Dzul, said that they have been running the family satay business for over 20 years at Sembawang. Mr Bashir acknowledged that they sold some of the best satay he has ever had.

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