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Netizens successfully get AETOS to commend brave officer instead of condemning her




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Thanks to just a simple click of the ‘share’ button from generous netizens, a brave AETOS officer – Amelia Lee – has been justly commended for her actions instead of being punished for flouting technicalities as she rescued a monitor lizard while others were scared to remove the reptile which got stuck onto a motorcycle at Woodlands Checkpoint.
Amelia’s relative, Aydan Aiman Lee shared her story online, appealing to netizens to “read and share to encourage AETOS into commending instead of condemning their brave officer.”
“A monitor lizard got lost and in the midst of chaos, it got stuck onto the fairings of a motorcycle (motorcycle body which is closest to the front wheel). The monitor lizard had its head and one of the front legs stuck onto the very motorcycle in the photo. While everyone moved away from it and pest control was informed, officer Amelia Lee braved the situation and personally dislodged the monitor lizard on her own. 
“The photo was taken by an ICA officer and officer Amelia is now being questioned for having the photo taken despite strict codes of no photography within Woodlands Checkpoint. How could a noble act of saving a life be shadowed by the law and where is the case-by-case exception in this? Officer Amelia did not only save the monitor lizard, but also saved the rider and owner of the affected motorcycle, whom was desperately in need of help. 
“Moreover, while officer Amelia had the intention of releasing it back into the wild, she was forced to put it into a trash bag and had to hand it over to the cleaner to be disposed off far away from scene. 
“My point here is, officer Amelia rescued the monitor lizard when no one else could and now she’s getting into trouble for having a photo of her taken, despite it not being taken using her own phone. While officer Amelia had personally offered to release it back into the wild, her superiors instructed her to hand it over in a trash bag to the cleaner and was then told to get back to her job. I personally believe that no matter the duration or distance, no live animals should ever be kept in a trash bag.
“Is this what is becoming of Singapore these days? Are we really just robots, forced to mind our own business and are discouraged from helping those in need? Are animals really disregarded in Singapore? Why are noble and well-intentioned human beings getting punished for their benevolent acts? 
“Honestly, I am beyond proud of her actions because i would’ve done the exact same thing. Yet, I am truly disgusted at the amount of ‘trouble’ she has gotten herself into.”
Aydan later updated his post that AETOS has reached out to Amelia to “de-escalate the situation”:
“Thank you all for the support garnered with regards to my sister. After rounds of questioning and statement-taking, Aetos Corp Communications has reached out to her to assist and de-escalate the situation. She has been rest-assured that no action would be taken against her for the commendable feat. Without the support of netizens, the situation could have turned out otherwise for her. Once again, a million thank you from Officer Amelia, myself and our family!
“PS: As an animal welfare activist, the fate of the monitor lizard by large remains in question. However, Aetos has no affiliation with the release of the monitor lizard”

***UPDATE: Thank you all for the support garnered with regards to my sister. After rounds of questioning and…

Posted by Aydan Aiman Lee on Monday, 28 August 2017

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