SINGAPORE: A woman, disgruntled at the way she was treated by the chef at the Bendemeer outlet of King of Fried Rice, took to social media to air her feelings.

A Ms Celine Chen wrote on Thursday (June 29) that “The staff which cook the fried rice was very rude.”

She had been waiting for 10 minutes with 151 as her number, but noticed that order number 147 was taking a long time.

“I went to ask, may l know how long shall I need to wait for number 151, cause I dabao the other stall after him, food is already ready.”

The cook allegedly shouted at her, telling her “if you can’t wait then we cancel.”

“I said I just asking how long shall I need to wait why you shout like gangster? He said I am not happy to hear that you said other stall food is ready,” Ms Chen added.

An older customer then told her that another customer had asked the cook a similar question.

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“He then shout at him said close already.. want to eat dun want to wait.”

Ms Chen then asked “hello, people only ask how long to wait ? (Is) it wrong?” And added that she would not buy from the stall anymore.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Chen, as well as to King of Fried Rice.

Ms Chen’s post has been shared over 150 times, and many people have also commented on it.

While some supported the post author, others disagreed.

One wrote, “Thanks for sharing. We don’t owe him a living . Shall boycott this stall.”

“Expensive food. Bad attitude. Stay away… Show them with our dollars, support other business who deserve it,” another chimed in.

“In my opinion most hawker are fierce,” wrote a netizen who pointed out that it is very hard work.

Another wrote that “no need to mention tht the other stall is faster, no one like to be compared.”

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“I would never buy from an unhappy cook. You don’t know what extra ingredients he put in,” a commenter warned.

“Do you ask him nicely? Sometime, your (tone) may mistaken by other,” one asked Ms Chen.

She clarified that “actually I am not asking him.. I asked the Aunty who take the order from me..he stand behind and shouting at me..”




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