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Kris Wu, born as Wu Yifan, a high-profile figure in the global entertainment industry, has found himself in the midst of a significant legal crisis. The 32-year-old Chinese-born Canadian, known for his rap, singing, and acting career, has been convicted as a serial rapist and sentenced to 13 years in jail by the Beijing court. In an unforeseen turn of events, Wu’s jail sentence marks a defining moment in the idol’s career, sparking widespread conversation online.

The Chinese authorities charged Wu last July 2021, for various sexual harassment cases filed by internet celebrities and underaged girls. 

The rapper was found guilty of raping three women back in November and December 2020. It was said that these women were inebriated and were not capable of defending themselves at the time of the crime. To make matters worse, the incidents occurred inside Kris Wu’s own home. 

More so, he was also a part of an act described as “group licentiousness”, wherein three or more people are assembled to do sexual activities. These sorts of exploits are offenses and punishable with five or more years of jail time with more severe punishment if there are minors involved. 

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Wu in jail sentence has become a hot topic on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media app, and many netizens say they are happy with the decision. They also concluded that the rapper is making history for being the first idol in China to go to jail for as long as 13 years.  

After the rapper’s 13-year imprisonment, he will be deported from China to Canada. 

“This decision was made in accordance with the facts, as well as the nature, circumstances, and harmful consequences of the crime.” the court said. 

Kris Wu was formerly a member of the South Korean boy group, EXO, in 2012. However, he left the group after two years due to issues regarding his contract with the agency, SM Entertainment. After settling the conflict in court, the two parties agreed that the rapper’s commitment to SM Entertainment will be valid until 2022, as per the original contract. 

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