Dear Editor,

I refer to The Independent Singapore’s featured news: Brickbats instead of support pours in for woman who complained that Singapore restaurant kicked her out (April 20, 2024).

By right, any restaurant or food court in Singapore or other countries such as Hong Kong and Australia has a rule that explicitly stipulates that no outside food is allowed to be consumed inside the restaurant.

Hence, the particular restaurant customer should be aware of and acknowledge this rule, which is nowadays very common and practised in most restaurants locally and regionally.

In this respect, the special customer should explain her exclusive medical condition clearly and exchange views calmly with the restaurant staff or manager to seek ways of compromise and empathise for resolving any unhappiness instead of making a fuss about this trivial matter and transpiring it on social media.

We should always be mindful that social media is a double-sided sabre. Any posting on the social media platform will attract vast attention, opinions, comments, support or criticisms.

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Hence, prior to posting on it, we should discreetly weigh the pros and cons to examine whether there has been any adverse or negative criticism, backlash, or repercussions.

For example, what the specific customer did receive/caused public outrage and counter-effects.

Teo Kueh Liang

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