SINGAPORE: A woman posted a complaint over social media after a restaurant asked her to leave when she bought food bought elsewhere. While she may have expected support online, netizens slammed her as ‘entitled’ instead, with some even leaving messages of support on the social media accounts of the restaurant that asked her to go.

The woman posted her video on Instagram but has since changed her settings to private. However, it can still be viewed on the Complaint Singapore Instagram account here.

She first explains that she was in a restaurant but that she could not eat anything because of her surgery.

She then adds, “These people are telling us that we have to leave the restaurant because I bought food from another restaurant. We paid for six people to eat here and now I have to tell my super small daughters that they have to leave the food on the table, to find food somewhere else. They are starving.”

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The woman goes on to say that she told the restaurant staff that the incident “is going on Instagram” and appeals to others to share it “because this deserves it.”

She then pans to a restaurant staff, asking him to confirm that they need to go. He tells her, however, that only she needs to leave, which means the other members of her family can stay.

Saying, “Let’s go, girls,” she then shows three young girls who appear to have just begun to eat their meal. While they’re still chewing, they’re told to get up and go.

A man, presumably the girls’ father, also tells them they need to go.

“I’m sorry, girls,” the woman says.

Before the video ends, one of the little girls says, “I’m so hungry. I only took two bites.”

“How amazing is that?” asks her mother sarcastically, also panning the camera to show the restaurant’s name, The Assembly Ground at ION Orchard.

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Her plan seems to have backfired, with netizens strongly disapproving of what she did, saying that this is simply the rule in almost all eateries in Singapore.

“Would love to reply to this entitled Karen, no outside food is kinda a basic rule in restaurant. Sometimes even food court has this rule. You know you can just put your food away so your family can enjoy the food then you eat somewhere else outside but no you rather kick a fuss to complain about this,” was one of the comments.

Her video has even gotten the attention of others on social media, who felt that she had been in the wrong in this situation and that the restaurant policy had been “very reasonable.”


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Additionally, some people are leaving messages of support on the restaurant’s Tiktok account.


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