SINGAPORE: A disgruntled bus passenger took to social media to expose a woman who showed no regard for her fellow passengers by placing her groceries on the two seats beside her.

“Look at this girl using the seats on bus 129 to putting all her items things she just bought at the supermarket! and ignored the discomfort of the surrounding passengers after she got off the bus,” Ms Tina Min wrote on Facebook Group ‘Complaint Singapore’ on Friday (April 19).

She added that after the woman got off, she noticed that “all the seats were dirty, including the bus floor.”

Ms Min also shared some pictures of the scene, showing the woman and her groceries. In the background, two male passengers were also seen standing.


“So inconsiderate of her. Think of her own convenience only”

Singaporeans expressed their frustration at the woman’s behaviour in the comments section.

One Singaporean commented, “So inconsiderate of her !!! Think of her own convenience only. Don’t care about the next passenger who is going to sit.”

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Another said, “Many are like that ..some buses have one seater ..go sit there if u want the whole seat to yourself!”

A third Singaporean added, “Good to know the bus # so that I can seek alternative route.”

According to an article published in AFAR, a print and digital magazine dedicated to experiential travel, one of the eight unspoken public transportation rules worldwide is to “never hog the space.”

This means it’s essential to also consider other passengers’ comfort during your commute.

Once on the bus or MRT, remember to use only one seat, avoid spreading out too much, and refrain from leaving bags or placing your feet where others could sit.

Additionally, it’s courteous to offer your seat to those needing it more, such as individuals with disabilities, elderly passengers, parents with young children, or pregnant women.

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