Beijing — Last Monday (Aug 16), Chinese-Canadian pop idol and former EXO member Kris Wu, 30 was formally arrested on suspicion of rape, over two weeks after he was first detained by the authorities.

It was reported that a lawyer visited the Beijing Chaoyang District Detention Centre recently where Wu is being held, and the lawyer shared a detailed peek of what life is like for the disgraced star behind bars while he awaits judgement.

It is estimated that a verdict will be reached some time between Jan and Mar next year, depending on the pace of the investigation.

It is highly unlikely that the star will be out on bail, and that means he will be stuck in the detention centre for a few months at least.

Inmates are expected to memorise a notice on the detention centre’s rules and regulations within the first three days, after which there will be random spot checks, based on the lawyer’s observations.

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An inmate will be punished by being assigned to do more unpleasant work such as cleaning the toilets if the inmate fails to recite everything by heart. An inmate can do ‘easier’ tasks like mopping the floors and folding towels if he passes.

Netizens noted that Wu once admitted on a variety show that he does not have the best memory and has trouble remembering his lines, which made them wonder how many times he will have to clean the toilet, as reported by

Meals are provided, but inmates can also buy snacks and other items with their own money, which is stored in an account that can keep up to 2,000 yuan (about SGD420).

This 2,000 yuan can usually last about three to four months. A netizen published a list of the food that inmates eat every day, which has steamed buns as the staple dish. There is congee and salted vegetables for breakfast and soya milk available on Thursdays.

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Kris Wu has been caught in a controversy after he was accused of sexual assault. Picture: Instagram

Vegetables, eggs and beef are available for lunch while for dinner they are served cabbage with scrambled eggs, meatballs, or tofu.

An insider also shared a photo of the inmates’ daily itinerary. Inmates get up at 5.30 am, followed by roll call and then breakfast at 6.30 am. The inmates then embark on their first six periods of “introspection”, which last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the time of the day.

Besides that, there are classes on “legal knowledge and traditional culture”, watching the evening news, and some leisure time on Sundays. Bedtime is at 9 pm.

Wu’s family is only allowed to visit him for half an hour once a month due to the pandemic.

Speaking on Wu’s expected jail term, the lawyer said, “It’s impossible to make an accurate prediction, but based on past experiences, Kris Wu’s sentence will probably be no less than five years.”

Even after Wu is released from prison, there is a possibility of him being deported back to Canada, which means his career in China is pretty much over for good. /TISG

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