Entertainment Celebrity Henry Golding wants his girl to travel the world with him...

Henry Golding wants his baby girl to travel the world with him and experience different cultures

He wants his daughter to understand the importance of travelling as to realize how lucky she is to be part of a multicultural family.




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On Mar 31 this year, Henry Golding welcomed his daughter to his world along with his wife Liv Lo.

The Malaysian-British recently revealed that he wants his daughter to understand “the importance of travelling”.

The 34-year-old said that he would to bring his baby girl to visit different countries around the world, especially because of his own “multicultural family”.

The actor spoke to People magazine, saying: “I think I grew up lucky enough to have parents who saw the importance of traveling. I come from a multicultural family. My dad’s British, my mom’s Malaysian. So, we’ve always had that mixed kind of heritage — like a child of two worlds, I suppose.

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“I think it’s really important to understand from a young age, how lucky we are. So I think going to places like Asia and allowing [kids] to experience a very different culture is really important.”

Golding has been loving his experience with fatherhood so far. He praised his daughter – whose name has not been made public – as a “good baby”.

He added: “She’s such a good baby. My wife is phenomenal, such an amazing mother and we’ve just been blessed this entire time.”

The Snake Eyes star be a new parent but he has learned how to “be comfortable in feeling overwhelmed”, as reported by 8days.sg.

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He said: “It’s such an overwhelming experience and there’s only so much you can freak out until you realize it’s like, ‘Oh, what am I actually freaking out about? What am I worried about?’ Like, she’s okay. She’s doing well. But as new parents, you’re just like, ‘Oh, my god, what happens if she does this? This is totally wrong.’ ”

Meanwhile, Golding recently said he already feels a “sense of overprotectiveness” toward his daughter.

He explained: “Every morning it’s like she comes up with something new, something exciting. She makes this look at you or she smiles. Every day is a joy. It’s crazy. You do feel the sense of overprotectiveness already. I’m sure it gets worse!

Snake Eyes is slated to open in Singapore on July 22.

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