solo trip to JB

SINGAPORE: For some, a solo trip to JB, whether just for a day or an overnight jaunt, is a rite of passage. Going to Johor Bahru with family and friends for some serious eats and/or shopping is one thing, but going by yourself is another level.

One Reddit user recently did what many do today, crowdsourcing answers for first-time solo travel to JB. “I’ll be going to JB next weekend. Its my first solo trip to JB and I have some questions. Thanks for answering!

  1. Do I need to bring more documents aside from IC card and passport?
  2. If I hope to reach JB before lunchtime 12pm, what time do you think I should leave SG? I come from north btw.
  3. Are the immigration lines long on a Saturday morning? How long is the waiting time?
  4. Can I use SG grab app to book Grab in JB?
  5. Is there traffic when going back to SG on Saturday night?” wrote u/masterminddrv3 on r/askSingapore on Thursday, Sept 28.
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And Redditors, true to form, were happy to oblige.

One wrote that for documentation if you’re a Singapore citizen, bringing your Identity Card (IC) and passport is enough. However, for Permanent Residents (PR), it would be good to bring their REP (Re-Entry Permit).

Next concerning time of leaving. Since the post author wrote that he’d like to get to JB before noon and is coming from the north of Singapore, what would be a good time leave?

“Taking the bus, i’d say 7-8am to account for traffic. Weekends may be worst, so the earlier the better. Consider buying train tix for next trip,” u/drkhlme replied.

He added that u/masterminddrv3 needs to be ready to wait for a long time in the immigration line, with a maximum of maybe two hours, and that yes, the Singapore Grab app can also be used in JB, and as to traffic when coming home, wrote, “Going back to SG usually (is) less congested.”

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Also, savvy JB travellers know that “Taking the train is much faster since they have separate immigration counters so you won’t get stuck in the jam at Customs.”

And even if it says trains are sold out for the date you want to go, check the website anyway, as some cancel their tickets.

Another gave this advice: “Don’t act like a total Singaporean there. Be low key and not flashy. If you’re a girl I suggest that you don’t go to places with (few) people around like carpark or a walk in the park at night.”

One pointed out that using the e-gate would cut your time at customs at JB. This service is for Singaporean citizens, Malaysian PRs, and Malaysia Automated Clearance System pass holders with a biometric passport valid for at least three months.

“If you’re Singaporean, apply for MDAC (Malaysia Digital Arrival Card) and inform the manual counter you want to register for e-gates during your turn. Afterwards, going back SG and every other trip into JB you can use the e-gates which is super fast,” advised another.

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One warned, “If u going on sat, u need to reach customs before 8am otherwise u will jam like siao. I went last wkend, met my friends at 7am at Kranji and reached JB at around 9am.” /TISG

Is it worth it to cross bridge from JB to SG for “3X.5 pay”?