Entertainment Celebrity Fans wonder if Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin will get married

Fans wonder if Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin will get married

On January 1st of 2021, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin made headlines as the two finally announced they were dating




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Fans are wondering whether Korean actress Son Ye Jin and actor Hyun Bin will walk down the aisle together or not after they confirmed their love story, following earlier denials by the actress, Allkpop reports on Jan 13.

They believe that it is likely that the couple will soon tie the knot as they have spent a relatively long time together working in two projects.

On January 1st of 2021, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin made headlines as the two finally announced they were dating.

Son has become a favourite among viewers in both dramas and films for her easy-going personality, passion for action, and also her unchanging optimistic mind.

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She stayed with the same management company for more than two decades, which made her known for her loyalty and values in human relationships.

In the entertainment industry, it is not easy to spend a long time with one agency or maintain long relationships with others.

For Son, she has been going to the same salon for two decades, maintaining relationships with her acquaintances for years.

Based on the actress’ personality, many expected her to be truthful when the first rumours of dating actor Hyun Bin started.

Fans and close friends of the actress believed that there were special reasons for her denial.

In 2018, Son and Hyun Bin formed a relationship when they filmed the movie The Negotiation together.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing On You. Picture: Instagram

Despite acting in the same movie, they were filmed on different floors and only came into minimal contact with one another.

Son said in an interview that she has only gotten to know Hyun Bin when they travelled together to different cities to promote the movie. Months after the release of the movie,

Hyun Bin and Son were spotted at a mart together in the US, sparking dating rumours. The rumours continued when the duo became inseparable after filming the tvN drama Crash Landing On You. 

An official from the entertainment industry and an acquaintance to the couple predicts the possibilities of marriage saying, “They are both nearing the age of 40, and they would not have admitted their relationship so impulsively given their age.”

Many fans are also revisiting past interviews with the actress where she said, “Marriage? It’s always a goal that I dream of, but at times I’m sad because I feel it’s getting further away from me. I concentrated on work for such a long time that I’ve passed my mid-thirties already. If I’ve decided that I wasn’t going to get married, then I wouldn’t be worried, but I want to get married, and I’m ready to be married if I meet someone. I want to be married before I turn 40.”

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