International Business & Economy Even PRCs file complaints against their own locally made lifts

Even PRCs file complaints against their own locally made lifts




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By: Forever Vagabond
Earlier, it was reported that EM services, a joint venture between HDB and Keppel Group is responsible for the management of a number of town councils in Singapore, including Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council (HBPTC) and Pasir Ris Punggol Town Council (PRPTC), where recently lift malfunctioning have been reported (
It’s not known if EM services is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of lifts in the estates which it manages.
In any case, EM Services stated on its website that they are the sole agent for the sale and installation of Chinese brand lifts, which come from Shenyang Brilliant Elevators (
It also said that they were awarded the 7th, 10th and 19th term contract for the HDB Lift Upgrading Projects (LUP) comprising of 2,200 lifts. Presumably, since they are the sole agent for Shenyang Brilliant Elevators, they would be installing these Chinese lifts in the HDB LUPs.
Shenyang Brilliant (or simply known as Brilliant Elevator or BLT, Chinese: 博林特) is founded in Shenyang, Liaoning province, in Sep 2001 (
A cursory check on Internet shows that there have been complaints filed against Shenyang Brilliant Elevators and the way they do business in China.
Even PRCs complain against Shenyang Brilliant Elevators
On the Chinese websites, a search on “博林特” reveals that many PRCs have had nasty experience with Shenyang Brilliant Elevators in China.
In this particular blog (, it talks about a Shenyang Brilliant Elevator almost killed someone (“沈阳博林特电梯差点害死人!!!”).
The author of the thread wrote, “Shenyang Brilliant Elevator – Elevator Problem: lift did not come down and the elevator door opened, causing a man to fall into the lift shaft, injuring himself. The shaft was 6 to 7m deep. His body was smashed. He was sent to a local hospital for examination. His 3rd and 4th lumbar spine vertebrae were fractured. He also suffered head, chest, waist and right hand tissue contusion. He was not killed thanks to the knee-deep water accumulated at the bottom of the lift shaft (that was because there were hydrant issues causing water to accumulate). Otherwise, if there were iron scraps and pipes at the bottom of shaft, the man would be dead.”
He added, “Incident occurred at Qian’an City, Hebei Xin Xiang Park District. The lifts in the district were all newly installed but the district has not been officially opened. If we don’t identify the problem, the residents who bought the houses would be like buying a trap too. You will never know when it’s your turn to fall into the lift shaft. Can the relevant government quality control department in Shenyang scrutinize this lift manufacturer? Feedback from the residents indicated that this particular lift has malfunctioned many times! Recently, lift incidents are happening frequently. The government quality control departments should work harder!!!”
The author continued, “When the property management of the district was approached, they only gave 3000 yuan as compensation for medical treatment. They then pushed the responsibility to the lift sales rep. Tried to negotiate with them a number of times. Finally, the sales rep agreed to advance 10,000 yuan for medical expenses first and said that they will be responsible for the whole matter. The sales rep said he is a Buddhist and would not do any wicked. He assured to let the patient be treated first and can discuss payments later. But now, the sales rep Mr Feng has retracted his words and does not want to bear any responsibility! This sales manager even made up new stories that he went up to Mount Wutai during the public holidays and the master at the mountain told him not to get involved in the matter! He used this excuse to push away the responsibility! Do any Shenyang municipal leaders care about this matter? Did any government officials care to manage such lift manufacturer? It’s not just harming our family but also millions other households using such lifts! Please help to spread the words, tell your friends and family members about this incident! Thank you!
One PRC netizen wrote, “Shenyang Brilliant Elevators is really rubbish. How can such enterprise survive?”
Another said, “Obviously trying to con people.”
One commented on the management of the company, “I used to work at the plant before. The company used to be called Yuanda Group. Brilliant Elevator is its branch. This company started as private enterprise. The factory management is very messy. They would squeeze blood and sweat out from workers. I sympathize with what you have gone through. You should seek legal recourse. They would never discover their conscience to care about your matter.”
A PRC netizen from another city said, “Wuxi city, Lotus Garden district: Lifts will malfunction twice a month. Every month there will be a resident trapped inside the lift. Very scary. This is the company.”
One netizen tried to be more objective. He said, “Brilliant Elevators in Shenyang should be ok. Perhaps the lift was in the commissioning phase? But this is also wrong. If in commissioning phase, the residents should be prohibited to use the lifts. Aye…. I recommend to go through legal channel for this matter.”
Another told the author that no one would care. He said manufacturers can bribe the relevant government departments to create “guanxi”. There is nothing one can do.
Yet another netizen tried to defend Brilliant Elevators. He said that his place used Brilliant Elevators. Shouldn’t be too bad.
To which one rebutted, “Are you sure there are good Chinese locally made elevators? I really must give it to you for saying Chinese local brands are good. Obviously, you guys haven’t seen much of the rest of the world.”
And in Singapore, some residents already have a pretty good experience with Brilliant Elevators. For no reasons, it would sound high-pitch siren in the middle of the night:
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