Lifestyle Food Customer pays $2.80 for "pathetic" ice jelly finished in '2 mouthfuls’

Customer pays $2.80 for “pathetic” ice jelly finished in ‘2 mouthfuls’

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Many netizens are lamenting about portion sizes as food vendors cut back on this to cope with the increasing price of ingredients and inflation

SINGAPORE: A netizen took to social media lamenting over the small size of the dessert she bought, saying it only took her a short while to finish it.

“Was at Kopitiam@V Hotel, above Lavender station for dinner on 30 June, 8.44 pm,” wrote a Ms Kong MaLa on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Tuesday night (July 4.), adding that it had been “a while” since she had had ice jelly.

She appeared to be disappointed in the serving size, finding it to be very small for the price she paid. “$2.50 for this portion. Does it look pathetic? 2 mouthfuls finished.”

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Kong MaLa, as well as to Kopitiam, for further comment.

However, judging from some netizens’ comments, she is not the only diner with this type of experience.

“Yes. Same here when I got my sour sup dessert from koptiam tampines just now. Also 2.50,” wrote one Facebook user commenting on her post.

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Another had even paid more for their ice jelly, writing, “I paid $3.50 for mine in yishun.”

“Come GST January 2024 – portion will be even smaller…,” a commenter warned.

Since the beginning of last year, inflation has driven the price of goods up, including the price of food both at groceries and in hawker centres as well as other food and beverage establishments.

Some netizens, however, have complained that food vendors have taken to reducing portion sizes to cope with the high prices of ingredients, rent and utilities.

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Late last year, a woman who was served a small portion of minced meat noodles wrote “Even my primary 3 girl still hungry after this bowl.

In January, one customer said “Never again,” after  what she termed as a “miserable” food portion cost her $49.90 and she only got “barely 3 small bites” out of it.

More recently, a man was shocked when the small bowl of fish soup he ordered for his daughter cost $15.45.

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‘$15.45 for a small bowl of sliced fish soup…omg!’ — Netizens shocked at customer’s food order

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