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Customer shocked after being charged S$8 for 2 cups of Teh O Peng at Sentosa Hawker Centre, but netizens say, ‘What did you expect?’

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"SENTOSA= So Expensive Nothing TO See Also,” one netizen provided an “explanation” as to what “Sentosa” means

SINGAPORE: “What to do?” asked a customer after getting charged S$8 for two cups of teh o being, or sweetened iced tea, at Sentosa Hawker Centre.

A screengrab of a receipt for 2 Teh O Ice that cost S$8 was posted on the @sgfollowsall account on Instagram on Sunday. Underneath are the words ‘The price Soo expensive, what to do?” and “mummy u see this. 2 cups teh o beng is $8.”

The post has since gotten almost 4,000 likes and dozens of comments. Many said that this type of price point is to be expected at Sentosa.

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One Instagram user wrote, “Go sentosa still want to complain kpkb for what 😂😂😂 If not happy go opposite to Seah Im, cheaper drinks there,” referring to Seah Im Food Centre nearby.

Another provided an “explanation” as to what “Sentosa” means. “SENTOSA= So Expensive Nothing TO See Also.”

A netizen wrote in Malay, “Ko kat Sentosa, bahalol!! Abeh ko expect Larkin punya harga eh? Celaka betol!!!” wondering if the diner expected the prices to be similar to those at Larkin, Johor.

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“Of course la expensive… Its at Sentosa. Next time the OP can bring his/her own sachet and kettle and have as much coffee/tea,” one chimed in.

“It’s Expected When U Over There,” another simply wrote.

A commenter said, “Wah  alau Sentosa right. U go there expect to pay tourist price. Bring your own water bottle la them put in Teh Peng from Seah In hawker before going to sentosa. Aiyo.”

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Another asked, “Hello sentosa lei what u expect.”   

Others offered advice to the post author:


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