One customer was unhappy with both the order of food and service at Raffles City Singapore. Posting on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Tuesday (Nov 22), the customer expressed dismay at the order of fish soup that cost $11 that was served.

Photos of the order as well as the receipt were posted as well. The customer, who goes by 操曹 on Facebook, wrote that the utensils and bowl had come “with free past food left over stain and scraps”. Sure enough, the tray of food in the photo did not appear to be all that clean.

“Very good deal,” the customer said sarcastically. The service did not escape the customer’s criticism either, explaining that the order had been for a “steamboat,” which would explain the high price. “But auntie make wrong then say aiya nvm same one,” 操曹 added.

Netizens expressed sympathy toward the customer, with one writing “Hate operators who made mistakes and don’t apologize always say never mind. No ethics at all”.

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Other netizens appeared to also have a negative experience at the same restaurant.

Another commenter, meanwhile, asked for proof of the receipt, which the customer obliged.

Complaints similar to 操曹’s have been common throughout 2022, with many netizens have complained over social media about higher food and beverage prices, including eggseconomy ricebee hoon, and even lemon tea.

Many understand that inflation due to global issues such as supply chain problems and Russia’s attack on Ukraine can be blamed for higher prices, although another netizen who recently commented on a post about hawker food at Clementi, “inflation is not an excuse.”

On Nov 8, a netizen named Joseph Ang posted a photo on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page of a styrofoam box with a dish inside, writing “$3 for this kind of portion! Clementi hawker! I know inflation but this feel just like scam and unethical. Never saw how they scoop, stop assuming.”

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The rest of Mr Ang’s story may be found here. /TISG

Customer says $3 food portion from Clementi hawker feels like ‘scam & unethical’ while netizen says ‘inflation is not an excuse’