Opposition leader and lawyer Lim Tean wrote in a Facebook post late on Saturday night (Apr 9) that he had “discovered to my horror” that the price of economy rice—a meal popular with many Singaporeans—had gone up in price by a considerable 25 per cent at a stall he goes to frequently.

“For many, it is the closest thing to home-cooked food… A dish used to cost $2 but now costs $2.50.”

He then asked followers to let him know of similar significant price increases that have an impact on their daily life.

Mr Lim, who heads the People’s Voice party, said that a 25 per cent increase may not seem like much to someone who is well off or rich.

But to those who aren’t, he wrote, “a 25% increase in food prices constitutes a significant burden on your income. 

Imagine a worker earning $1300 ( before CPF deduction ) who eats economy rice and now has to pay 25% more for his meals.” 

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Mr Lim added, “Let’s see what the PAP does to bring down inflation. Till now, I have not seen them do anything.”

Food prices have been on the rise since last year due to supply chain issues because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as regional climate issues. Also, Russia’s recent attack on Ukraine has also had an effect on global inflation.

Netizens who commented on Mr Lim’s post wrote that they have also observed the rise in food prices.

One woman wrote that her grocery bill increased by $30.

Others wrote of their own experiences with higher-priced food, both in Food and Beverage establishments and in groceries and markets.


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