A netizen got a rude shock when the cake he ordered that was supposed to be in the shape of a baby for his best friend’s one-year-old turned out to look like an old man instead. To make matters worse, he paid $240 for the cake.

“I really feel like crying now,” wrote a netizen identified only as Shanmugam in a post on the Singapore Breaking News Network Facebook page on Thursday (Dec 14).

The cake shows the figure of an infant lying on a yellow blanket with a matching yellow pacifier resting on its chest. While there’s nothing wrong with the baby’s body, its face, with eyes closed, looks like it belongs to a much older person.

One netizen commenting on the post wrote, “You lost $240 and a best friend.”

“Looks like Benjamin Button,” commented others, in reference to a short story about a man who ages in reverse, which became a popular film that starred Brad Pitt in 2008.

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“The idea is flawed anyway… ptsd for the one year old… cutting babies and eating them,” remarked one netizen.

Another netizen agreed, “Should have ordered a cake that looks like a cake. Even well executed would have been weird to cut it.”

Others found a lot of humour in the situation.

But a number of netizens said they found the cake to be creepy.

“Creepy and inappropriate.. But that artist gotten the baby pose and everything all quite right, except the face. Look at the details of the umbilical and the nails there….”

One netizen criticised the baker as “very unprofessional, and unqualified as an artisan.”

Upon doing a reverse search image, it turns out that the cake photo is an old one, having been shared as far back as 2017 on cakewrecks.com, Reddit, Twitter, and even other Facebook pages. On other sites, it says that the person who ordered the cake paid US$350 or even $400 for it. /TISG

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