Business & Economy Singapore should boycott Uber

Singapore should boycott Uber




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By: Singapore Taxi Driver

Most taxi drivers have love-hate relationship with third party apps providers (Grab, Uber, EasyTaxi, Heilo, etc). Currently with the dominance of the two biggest third party apps, Grab and Uber, and with the existence of private hired vehicles (PHV), the hatred by taxi driver has grown greater.

No doubt, third party apps are here to stay. Taxi drivers have to change in order to survive. It has cut waiting time for the commuters to get a transportation. Regulations for these third party apps and drivers will be established soon on due course.

But one company should be out from Singapore. That’s Uber!

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Uber had been in Singapore since 2013, but what kind of economic benefit does it have for Singapore?

It does not pay any taxes since their payment is transacted in Holland, it does not have any local employees in local office.

A company that setup a company in Singapore, should at least pay taxes to Singapore government, let alone employ Singaporeans.

What’s worst is, Uber drivers will be first to lose their job when they transform into driverless taxi in due course.

Further, Uber are just using price war to gain the market share. This only benefit commuters in the short term but drivers suffer in silent (be it taxi drivers or PHV drivers).

Commuters should be free to choose any service provider using service level as a gauge, not just the price.

Imagine, why do you hardly get a Uber ride when there is no surge? Why are so many drivers going to drive Grab than Uber? The very simple reason – Grab offers a very competitive rate for the drivers to survive on.

Uber has also withdrawn its service from several countries without a second thought. It deserted their drivers probably stuck with the car rental contracts or car loans. They ignore the drivers and are only concerned about their business profit which is now making billions of dollars in loses!

Competition from disruptive technology is unavoidable and taxi drivers should take it in their stride. But disruptive competition should also bring economic value and benefit to Singapore. Why should we welcome them when they bring none?

Note: This is not an advertorial but a note by a taxi driver who has considered the economic value of Uber as a whole.

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