International Business & Economy Ang Moh accuses cabby of being racist because she was 'on-call' and...

Ang Moh accuses cabby of being racist because she was ‘on-call’ and refused to pick him




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Facebook user Aishah Lim, said that an Ang Moh acted aggressively towards her at Sentosa. Aishah who is a taxi driver said that the man displayed bullying behaviour when she was waiting to pick up a passenger at the popular island resort.

Aishah Lim said that the man was probably upset that the taxis arriving at the pick-up point were all ‘on-call’ and that he could not hail one off the road. He hurled vulgarities at her, and even called her a racist.

The woman however held her own and refused to be intimidated.

The incident happened yesterday (27 Aug) at about 1pm. Describing the incident, Aishah said:

“So…this just happened like half an hour ago. I was waiting for my pax at Sentosa Beach station when this bloody mangkuk asked me to F off although there wasn’t any other empty cabs behind me.

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He first gestured me to move off which i ignored. He then asked me to F off which I also ignored. I only came out when he started banging on my cab. He’s just pissed that all cabs coming in are on call.

Which of part of “BUSY” does he not understand? Furthermore, I was not parked right in front on the taxi stand.

Just because I’m a lady, he think can makan me? Sorry hor, wrong charbo to mess with. You wanna take my pics and all, go ahead. I’ve got plenty of witnesses.

And which part of “this is Singapore, not wherever you’re coming from” is racist?!

Bodoh peh kambing!!”

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