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Woman wonders why her Amazon package has ‘DIE’ written on it

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DIE? D1E? D/E?

SINGAPORE: After a package from Amazon with the letters “DIE” on it was delivered to her home, a woman was amusingly curious about what it meant.

“Hi Amazon.sg Ninja Van Singapore, why is ‘DIE’ written on my package?” wrote Ms Hedy Yang on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday afternoon (July 31).

Ms Yang posted a photo of a box from Amazon, and on the address label, the word what appeared to be DIE written in black with big, bold letters can be seen even from a distance.

“Understood from the comments that this is probably some sort of delivery system code. Reasonable, but I believe ninja van can come up with better way to abbreviate whatever they meant in a less confusing way. Imagine someone with limited English knowledge, but enough to understand a common word ‘die’ receiving this,” she added.

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Netizens quickly helped her understand that “DIE” stands for “delivery (or deliver) in the evening”.

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Some added that the inscription should be read D/E (Delivery Express) and not DIE.

However, while she thanked those who helped her out, she added that the package had actually been delivered in the morning and not the evening.

Others suggested that what was written was actually D1E, which could have been a sorting code for Ninja Van.

But one said that the code was indeed DIE, which stands for Direct International Export, which made sense to Ms Yang.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Yang and Ninja Van Singapore for further confirmation and update. /TISG

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