SINGAPORE: A woman is facing serious charges after allegedly forging letters from the Prime Minister’s Office in an attempt to expedite the return of a deposit she paid. The incident came to light when government departments received emails accompanied by fake letters requesting the swift processing of her refund.

According to a statement issued by the police, the incident was reported on June 22, when government departments received an email requesting the return of a deposit. Attached to these emails were letters purportedly sent by the Prime Minister’s Office, urging authorities to expedite the matter without delay. However, upon verification with the Prime Minister’s Office, it was determined that these letters were fraudulent. Authorities swiftly initiated an investigation into the matter.

Officers from Jurong Police Station conducted a thorough investigation, ultimately identifying and apprehending the woman responsible for the alleged forgery.

Preliminary findings suggest that she forged one such letter and fabricated another purportedly from the Prime Minister’s Office. This second forged letter was emailed to the Housing and Development Board, seeking an immediate refund of the deposit she had paid for two online mini-mart stores.

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The woman is expected to be charged with forgery today (29 Sept). She could face a maximum sentence of up to ten years in prison and a substantial fine if found guilty.