Singapore ― A woman requested a refund for her GrabFood order, which she claimed was partly eaten by a food delivery rider.

A repeat customer of Novo Açaí & Granola shared her experience of receiving an order with a portion presumably consumed during transit.

She had ordered an acai bowl made of frozen and pureed acai palm fruit, served as a smoothie through GrabFood.

The woman waited more than an hour for her order, noting she always had issues with the food delivery service.

“I’ve ordered from them (Novo Açaí & Granola) before, and their pints always come with a paper peel thing on top like typical ice creams,” the woman said, as reported by Mustsharenews.

She was surprised that her pint had no paper peel and missing about a quarter of the frozen treat.

“How can riders have the audacity to eat other people’s food during a pandemic?” the woman asked.

The customer took to the seller’s Instagram page to request an explanation.

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Novo Açaí & Granola confirmed that they have strict procedures in preparing their food, including frequent spot checks.

The company confirmed that the attached photo sent by the customer was not what a regular order should look like.

After apologising for the inconvenience, the company advised the customer to request a refund through the Grab app.

On Saturday (Sept 25), an update was provided by MS News, noting the woman had received a full refund by Grab for her order.

Food delivery services often receive customer complaints regarding cold, late, disfigured or missing food items.

According to Vulcanpost, complaints on food delivery company websites have increased amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

One Muhammad Azhar Mohammad Nasir posted on Facebook on Friday (Sept 24) urging Foodpanda riders to deliver orders properly.

The netizen attached a photo of a family member’s order left on the floor outside their house, near their neighbour’s area.

The customers were never alerted that the food had been delivered.

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“If you’re talking about contactless, the least you can do is alert them,” he added. /TISG

Photo: FB screengrab/Muhammad Azhar Mohammad Nasir

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ByHana O