SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media, frustrated with her Samsung phone and the company’s customer service.

Ms Megha Sharma Singh posted a photo of her phone on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday (Sept 18), showing vertical lines running from top to bottom of the screen.

The lines appeared after she carried out a software update, something other Samsung phone users have noticed and complained about over the past year.

“This is what happens to Samsung phones… after Software upgrade.. buy a phone 2800sgd worth and then get it repaired for 650sgd…,” Ms Singh wrote.

She also wrote that the company has the “Worst Customer Service,” explaining that she had to pay for the repair since her phone is no longer covered under a warranty.

“And the BEST part.. it (was) spoiled because of SOFTWARE UPGRADE..,” she added.

Her post has been shared more than 200 times and has received almost 300 comments.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Singh, as well as to Samsung, for further comments or updates.

However, Ms Singh is not the only one who has faced this issue.

In February, a woman wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page that  Samsung charged her almost $400 when she brought her phone for repair as a green line appeared on her screen when she updated it. Several other Samsung phone users also posted about the same problems.

The green line has appeared on phone displays not only in Singapore but in other countries across the globe.

“A bright vertical green line suddenly appeared on my Note 20 Ultra screen after installing the latest software update. The phone has never been dropped or submerged in water. The line just appeared all of a sudden. The same thing happened to my S series phone early last year.

Now I am seeing multiple posts in these forums this month reporting the very same issue. Searched the web and also found several reports from Samsung users over the world this month. What is up with these updates causing the green lines? Planned obsolescence? Force users to spend money for repair?” wrote one Samsung phone user in a community forum last June.

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Many netizens across the globe appear to be waiting for the company to address the problem.

The interwebs offer helpful tips for resolving the issue, like this page does, including factory resetting your phone. However, anyone who does so should know the risks involved and may want to bring the phone to a professional. /TISG

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