Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee at Amoy Street Hawker Centre Attracts International Celebrity Chef Marion Grasby

SINGAPORE: An ordinary day at Amoy Street Food Centre turned extraordinary when Thai-Australian cook Marion Grasby was spotted queuing for a bowl of Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee, stirring a wave of excitement among foodies and fans alike.

“JUST IN: Famous Australian chef Marion Grasby is here at Amoy Street Food Centre today, ordering and filming Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee,” wrote Mr Ng Chun Kiat on the Can Eat! Hawker Food Facebook page.

Incidentally, the stall was once described as Singapore’s “worst-rated Lor Mee stall” even if it is listed in the Michelin Guide.

Ms. Marion Grasby, a big fan favorite in the second season of MasterChef Australia way back in 2010, has gone on to have an enormously popular cooking show on YouTube, where she shares some of her beloved Marion Grasby recipes. One such recipe is her innovative spin on Singapore noodles.

Here she is with her take on Singapore noodles.

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Mr. Ng’s post soon received many likes, comments, and shares, as Ms. Marion Grasby appears to be very popular with many Singaporeans.

“Huge fan! She makes complicated recipes very easy,” wrote one netizen.

For those who don’t know her, one netizen provided a quick bio.

Another man who had seen Ms. Marion Grasby at Amoy Street Food Centre took the opportunity to take a selfie with her.

Others looked for the cooks’ mum, whom everyone calls Mama Noi on Ms. Marion Grasby’s cooking show, and from whom she got at least some of her cooking chops. Mama Noi is a beloved character in her own right.

Here’s Mama Noi on the program.

Others tagged her in their comments.

As it turned out, Ms Grasby’s trip to Singapore is part of a promotion from KrisFlyer.



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