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‘Rude locals, everything is so expensive’ — Woman lists reasons why Singapore not her favourite, many commenters agree

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“And the only time he (taxi driver) talked was to ask how much money I make,” she added. Finally, she complained that “everything in Singapore feels so artificial. “Everything is just so man-made and made for just entertainment.”

SINGAPORE: “Can someone answer this question? What do you actually do in Singapore besides eat and shop?” asked TikTok user Grace Cheng, who goes by @gracietravels on the platform.

Ms Cheng’s video, where she says, “Singapore is definitely not on my list of favorites,” after having travelled to 33 countries, has been viewed over 212,000 times since it was posted on Jul 18.


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First, she found that “locals are pretty rude” because a taxi uncle did not smile at her and her companions and “he made me put the luggage in the car.”

“And the only time he talked was to ask how much money I make,” she added.

Secondly, the “super Westernized” feel of Singapore made her feel that she wasn’t really in Asia.

Third, she said that “everything” in Singapore is so expensive, complaining that the room alone in Marina Bay Sands “cost us a fortune.”

“I’ve stayed at so many better hotels that are actually worth paying for,” she added.

Fourth, because they had a hard time finding a restaurant that served decent food and wasn’t overpriced, they often had to resort to hawker centres.

Finally, she complained that “everything in Singapore feels so artificial. “Everything is just so man-made and made for just entertainment,” she said, which led to her also making the “Las Vegas of Asia” remark.

And while there was one thing that she actually did like, the “pretty” gardens, she said that “there is just no natural substance to the country.”

However, she did invite locals who disagreed with her to leave comments on her video.

Needless to say, most of the commenters were not too thrilled with her observations about the Little Red Dot.

“Why would you stay at the Sands and complain about how expensive it is. It’s a you thing.”

“Is it just a me thing but I always never expect taxi drivers to put my luggage in the car for me?”

“Everything is so expensive. We stayed at Marina Bay Sands… well honey, if you want that insta moment at the rooftop pool, you gotta pay”

“gardens, dome, music events, cafes, old town, hawker centres, street food/chinatown, F1 (when it’s on), sentosa, universal, clubbing (if u’re into it).”

Many other commenters, however, agreed with Ms Cheng.

One wrote, “You absolutely nailed it- I worked 2 years in Singapore & 2 years in Hanoi – enjoyed Hanoi so much more. The ferry to Bintan was the best about it.”    

Others also voiced their agreement.


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