SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to complain about the “crazy hell” she claims she and her family are suffering because of her neighbour’s antics.

“Living life with neighbours is crazy hell. I believe she has a mental issue,” wrote Ms Micky, adding that she is “living with harassment.” The neighbour allegedly bangs their door gate in the morning, even as early as 5:45 to 6:00 am.

Ms Micky Kaka posted a video on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page showing a young man leaving his flat while a woman was filming him and firmly banging her gate as the young man passed by.

And while no words are exchanged between them, and neither is there a threat of violence, the encounter is somewhat unsettling.

“Please request help from relevant agencies for immediate assistance. Please do not wait for the threatened party to be attacked before taking action,” Ms Micky added.

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The Independent Singapore has contacted Ms Micky for further update or comment.

Many people have shared and commented on her post, with some saying they have the same dilemma.

“I have the same problems as yours. My inconsiderate neighbors always bang their gate & doors,” one wrote.

Another commented that he has faced this problem for a decade and a half. His next door neighbor, a woman, would “often yell and open the common corridor riser door and bang it hard, giving us shock each time.”

When he exits this unit, she allegedly “coughs and utter words in dialects,” and also watches his family every day, especially on on weekends and public holidays, when the woman doesn’t work.

Even if he has filed a police report and the woman has been warned, she still continues, and he added that he believes he just has to live with it and ignore her.

Others suggested that she report the issue to the Town Council, consult HDB, or tell the MP in her area.

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One commented that the issue reminds him of a recent problem at Bukit Batok, where an alleged neighbour dispute turns into murder case. /TISG

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