SINGAPORE: An online dispute between two neighbours, involving a man hanging his bird cages and a woman hanging her laundry in the common area, recently surfaced in a post on the Facebook group ‘Complaint Singapore’.

Ms Jun SurfinChica asserted, “I never post anything here before, but I really need to complain on this .. my neighbour hanging his birds all over as if the whole floor belongs to him 🤦🏽‍♀️,” she wrote on Sunday (Jan 7).

Ms Jun also attached a number of pictures showing the bird cages, two of which were hanging near the stairs and the others sprawled out on the ceiling outside her neighbour’s apartment.

Photo: FB/Complaint Singapore

After seeing the post, the bird cage owner, Mr Allan Seah, fired back at Ms Jun. He claimed that although he did hang his birds in the common area, he did not block it as she did.

“I’m the owner of these birds .yes I did hang over the common areas but I did not obstructed the common area like u did …I hang my birds while u put all yr laundry outside .sometimes the wind blow off yr clothes and is all over the place. ,” he wrote.

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Photo: FB/Complaint Singapore

Netizens: ‘Report to Town Council’

Under Ms Jun’s post, several netizens suggested that she should just open the cages and let the birds out.

“Those birds will be grateful to you if you set them free. That’s will bring you good luck as well. Don’t wait and hesitate anymore, ASAP. Today Sunday got 4D,” one netizen wrote.

Other concerned netizens urged her to report her complaint to the town council. 

“Just report to Town Council secretly,” another netizen advised.

A few others supported the bird cage owner, saying the birds require sunlight.

“No offense to anyone, we bird lover will always like to put our bird outdoor to feel the nature, cos bird need some sun light like human, if he/she hang the bird outdoor n is really borderline u y don’t u try talk to them n c how it can be adjust. Hope whoever seeing this post can understand how the bird lover feel, of cos we also will accept comments.”

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One netizen also said the birds were still better than the clothes in the common area.

“Hanging birds still better than these clothes. Which is more obstructive and unpleasant.”

How to resolve conflicts between neighbours

HDB advises having civil conversations with your neighbours. However, before confronting them, you must first identify the most appropriate time to approach your neighbour, ensure you are not angry, and work out what you want to say.

Also, remember to remain calm and polite during the conversation. 

Thank your neighbour for their time and part ways amicably after the talk. Check to see if the issue has been resolved in a few days.

What if the conflict can’t be resolved?

If the issue remains unresolved, you can seek mediation from your Grassroots Leaders (GRLs) or the Community Mediation Center.

The Community Mediation Center offers formal mediation services and maintains a volunteer panel of trained mediators. Register your case online, learn more about CMC’s mediation services, or call them at 1800-CALL-LAW (1800-2255-529).

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Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRTs)

You can direct your concerns to the CDRTs if a resolution is still not reached despite having the discussion and requesting mediation.

You can visit the State Courts website and find out more information about CDRTs, or you can also go directly to their headquarters, which is located at 1 Havelock Square, Singapore 059724

For more information, visit this link.