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Morning Digest, Aug 16

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Thai Fried Kway Teow costs $6, but customer says it’s ‘just like economy fried kway teow’ with only egg and very little veg



SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media after being disappointed with her char kway teow, finding it deficient in quality despite being charged S$6 for it.

A Ms Rani Ma Chello wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Sunday (Aug 13) that the Thai fried kway teow she bought was “just like an Economy fried Kway teow.”

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SINGLED OUT: 38-year-old bachelor finally secures ballot for BTO on 8th try


Photo: Freepik/pressfoto (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: In space-challenged Singapore, accessing public housing isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially for singles. For one man, it was a case of if at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again.

Or again and again, rinse and repeat, till Zachary Loo struck it lucky on try number 8, although he admitted that he actually thought it might take much longer.

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Father sentenced to 14 years jail for strangling twin sons with autism; he told the court he wanted to “end their unfair suffering”



SINGAPORE: Xavier Yap Jung Houn was sentenced on Tuesday (Aug 15) to 14 years in jail for killing his twin sons in January 2022.

Yap, 50, said that he felt his wife had given up on the two 11-year-old boys, who had autism, and that killing them would remove his wife’s burdens. He also feared that others would bully his sons and that no one would care for them after he and his wife died.

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Darren Lim meets ex-Mediacorp colleague Jerry Yeo on flight, says he’s “happy to know he (Jerry) is not acting as a pilot. He is for real.”


Photo: IG screengrab/ Darren Lim

SINGAPORE: In an Instagram post, Darren Lim shared that he bumped into his ex-Mediacorp colleague Jerry Yeo, who is now the pilot on his commercial flight to Nanjing. In his post, he said, “Flying off to Nanjing and see who I met. My ex colleague who was an actor and now a pilot with Scoot.”

He added: “Haha so happy to see him and also happy to know he is not acting as a pilot. He is for real.”

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Girlfriend decides to shave her head to raise funds for children with cancer; her boyfriend worries that it won’t grow back in time for their wedding


Photo: Freepik/jcomp (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: A man took to social media after his girlfriend decided to join his ‘Hair for Hope’ initiative and volunteer to shave her head, but he was more worried about their wedding photos.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man said that he had been in the company for six years as a Sales Engineer while his girlfriend was the Administrator of the same department. “We plan to hold a wedding in the middle of next year. Since I joined the company, I have actively participated in the company’s volunteer services (volunteer services), and then I also organize one or two event every year. Our boss also likes to do voluntary activities, and often calls on other employees to participate and support me”, he wrote.

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