SINGAPORE: A man took to social media after his girlfriend decided to join his ‘Hair for Hope’ initiative and volunteer to shave her head, but he was more worried about their wedding photos.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man said that he had been in the company for six years as a Sales Engineer while his girlfriend was the Administrator of the same department. “We plan to hold a wedding in the middle of next year. Since I joined the company, I have actively participated in the company’s volunteer services (volunteer services), and then I also organize one or two event every year. Our boss also likes to do voluntary activities, and often calls on other employees to participate and support me”, he wrote.

“In end July this year, 5 close colleagues and I decided to hold a CCF “Hair for Hope” in the company to raise fund for children with cancer. Only the few of us decided to support by shaving our heads. There are also many colleagues who donate. But apart from the six of us, no one else shaves their heads. It’s not compulsory”, he wrote.

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The man added that some female colleagues in the company started pushing his girlfriend to support the initiative. Due to their instigation, his girlfriend started seriously considering shaving her head as well. The man said that while her hair was not long, it was past her shoulders. He also added that they had planned to take wedding photos at the end of the year.

He continued: “Her Hair will not grow in time. I told her that there is no need to pay attention to the malicious instigation of others. These colleagues mentioned it to the boss, and suggested that we can be a role model for the sales department. Maybe a brochure with us as a bald couple. The boss thought it was good idea, and persuaded my girlfriend to her head as well”. While his girlfriend wanted to shave her head, the man asked netizens if he should stop her from shaving her head.

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Here’s what others commented on the post:

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