Relationships Woman says she's not able to afford to pay her ex-husband's maintenance...

Woman says she’s not able to afford to pay her ex-husband’s maintenance for their children, asks if she will be jailed or fined

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"I am worried and very stressed, will court send me to jail and/or fine cause I am unable to pay maintenance to him? Is there anyone with experience on this matter?" the woman asked.

SINGAPORE: A worried mother took to social media asking others for help because she was not able to pay the $400 maintenance for her children.

In her anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, she wrote: “The reason why I didn’t fought for care and control of my children is because we stayed in my parent’s 3 room flat during our course of marriage and the court will look into which parent is able to provide a better living for the children. Obviously I couldn’t provide a room for them, I was a sahm (stay at home mother) for 10yrs+ and wasn’t working at the time of divorce”.

She explained that her husband would file for maintenance orders from time to time, and she would be required to go to court. The woman said that she had another child below the age of three. Because that child was going to childcare, she had to look for part-time work during those hours, leaving her with a limited salary.

“I meetup with my daughter once a month, I would spent around $100-$120 for meals and buy her stuffs. After deduction of childcare fees, bills, insurance I left with $300-$400 for food, transport, any medical bills. I am soley taking care of my child and unable to work more hours or take on a 2nd job”, the woman wrote.

She added that she was worried and stressed that she would be jailed or fined as she could not pay her ex-husband’s child maintenance. She asked netizens if anyone had experience with this matter.

Here’s what they said:

Last year, a woman who sincerely dated a divorced man for over a year felt that she was not being treated well by him and took to social media asking netizens for advice on what she should do.

In an anonymous post to confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that the man she was dating had been divorced twice and was older than her by 25 years. He also had a child from his first marriage.

“We met after one year of his second divorce and his ex wife lives in China. She is plastic and golddigger, always asks him for money and branded stuff even after they have separated. And many many times i encountered him still texting her and she still tried to chase after him so that he will always remember their old memory. To me, it is painful to see as i have dated him for one year and i have been sincere”, the woman wrote.

She added that whenever she told the man how uncomfortable she felt with him talking to his ex-wife, “he would explode in anger and shout at me like i am a stray dog that disgusts him. He would make me feel like its my fault to know and want to find out”.

She added that every time they were together, he would not pay her much attention and often brushed her aside.

“I feel so invisible sometimes. Everything is just about him. He wants me to listen and follow whatever he says, he wants to shape me into someone so obedient and nice. He will be unhappy if he finds me go clubbing. But he is free to go ktv, as he has an excuse that its just for business purpose. Even if i also know he has addiction to going ktv with all the plastic girls around him”, she wrote. /TISG

Woman says, man she’s dating been divorced twice before, he’s unhappy if she goes clubbing, but he often goes to KTVs

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