Home News Massive jams at Tuas and Woodlands, holding traffic up to 8 hours

Massive jams at Tuas and Woodlands, holding traffic up to 8 hours




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Singapore – On December 14 at 6:20pm, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) posted via their Facebook page that heavy arrival and departure traffic are currently being experienced by Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints and that delays are to be expected. They also added that travellers who are planning to take the affected routes are advised to check One Motoring first before beginning their trip.

One Motoring is a site initiated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that offers services related to vehicles and motors such as licence applications, information on car ownership as well as an interactive map that gives real-time road conditions in the island.

The traffic experienced in both mentioned checkpoints has accumulated numerous online comments and opinions. Netizens shared just how long they were stuck in traffic, while some gave suggestions that could help alleviate the problem of vehicle build-up. Those headed for Tuas experienced up to 6 hours being stuck in traffic while those going to Woodlands checkpoint endured a standstill on the road for 5 hours. Some have even mentioned being stuck for 8 hours.

Facebook users Nas Ebrahim, Dee Chang Guan, and Lim Bee Tee collectively were stuck in Tuas for 3-4 hours on Saturday afternoon (December 15).

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Meanwhile, netizen Veronica Leoni gave a sound suggestion addressed to ICA to install cameras at key areas in the checkpoint to catch on tape and apprehend any queue cutters that dare try to skip the long lines.

Max Teh shared his aggravation towards queue cutters and was looking for police officers to regulate the traffic and stop the “cheaters”

Another netizen under the username Dee Chang Guan shared his sentiments towards the limited course of actions motorists have such as checking the One Motoring website because even if they check the status, the traffic will not magically disappear. He suggested, however, for an increase in enforcers that might help in alleviating the problem, especially during the Christmas season.

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