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Man complains SBS bus is too slow because of stops, gets taken to town by netizens for being a “complain king”




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A netizen who took to social media to express how a bus driver he encountered wasted his time by travelling extremely slowly, faced much annoyance and anger from netizens.

The man known as Patrick Tan, took to Facebook on Tuesday, December 4, and said to SBS Transit, “I know I’m paying the price of the bus fare and I can’t expect the time travel to be the same as the taxis cos u need to pick up and drop passenger at the bus stops. But hey I’m travelling on bus 87 of urs with this lady driver. She is already travelling very slow but I’m still ok since safety is the most important”.

He continued saying that even though there were no passengers at certain bus stops, the driver still waited for one to two minutes before moving off, even though there was no traffic on the roads.

He then said, “I don’t know is it because she has too much time for her to waste on the road. That’s none of my business. Even if I’m not rushing for time I still have better things to do den wasting extra 15mins sitting in ur bus”.

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Finally, when Mr Tan no longer had the patience to wait, he “went up to take photo. Only den she move faster abit”.

However, he said that this was the first time he encountered an incident of this nature.

Netizens who commented on Mr Tan’s post did not hold back and labelled him as a “complain king”, adding that if he expected speed, he should have taken a taxi.




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