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SDP’s Dr Chee celebrates their increasing popularity




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The Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Secretary-General Dr Chee Soon Juan has been in the spotlight of the media many times. However, as the elections draw closer, both him and members of all the other political parties take centre stage, and try to out-do one another. To celebrate his gaining popularity, Dr Chee took to social media to celebrate the milestone that the ‘likes’ for his page just crossed 70,000.

In a post on the evening of Wednesday, December 5, Dr Chee remarked on Facebook, “the FB Líkes for this page just crossed the 70,000 mark. I want to thank all of you for coming in and making it such a meaningful one”.

He added, “I’ve always wanted to use this page as a home for Singaporeans to discuss issues that affect us all as well as to keep you informed of what we are doing in the SDP. The idea seems to be picking up steam as many continue to stream in”.

Making use of social media as their very own platform to spread their message and disseminate information, he said, “As we head into the next elections, let’s go on building this online community and make even louder the call for change”.

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“Tell your friends and family about what you and I are doing here, won’t you? Here’s to you and your loved ones: my very best”, he said rousingly.

On the page, Dr Chee also shared a photo collage of SDP supporters.




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