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Elderly man’s body found after volunteers notice blood seeping out of his flat




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On December 2, at around 7am, a man discovered a dark liquid flowing out of his neighbour’s HDB flat at Block 4, Beach Road.

The man, who only wished to be known as Mr Luo initially thought that the liquid was cough syrup, however when he touched the liquid and sniffed it, he realized that it had a “strange smell”. Mr Luo also said that there was no response when he knocked on the door.


A group of volunteers from network Keeping Hope Alive usually gathers on Sundays to visit one- and two-room flats around the country to help out the needy and elderly. They distribute food and groceries and assist residents with their chores.

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While the volunteers were walking around and knocking on doors, Mr Luo approached them.

In a Facebook post on their page, they wrote, “a Uncle alerted us that he has not seen his neighbour for a few days and is worried”.

They added that two volunteers followed Mr Luo to his neighbour’s flat, and found flood seeping out from the door. The volunteers immediately alerted the police.

Once the authorities arrived at the scene and broke down the door, they found the body of an elderly man, who was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

According to a report on The Straits Times, the 79-year-old man worked as a cleaner in a hospital, and was last seen on Thursday, Nov. 29.

Mr Luo also said that his neighbour had difficulty walking, and usually kept to himself.

According to a police spokesperson the police were alerted to the case of unnatural death at 7.39am on Sunday, Dec. 2 and police investigations are still ongoing.



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