SINGAPORE: Singapore professionals increasingly adopt “loud learning” to enhance their skills amidst evolving job demands.

This approach, defined by LinkedIn as an “act of being vocal and intentional about learning ambitions in the workplace,” is gaining popularity as a proactive solution to staying competitive in today’s dynamic market.

Singapore Business Review reported that a recent survey by LinkedIn found that 31% of professionals in Singapore are already practising loud learning.

This involves professionals openly sharing their learning ambitions and progress with colleagues.

They do this by sharing knowledge with their teams (47%), posting about their learning journey on LinkedIn (45%), or informing colleagues when they dedicate time to learning (31%).

In addition, 60% of professionals feel inspired to engage in this practice when they see their colleagues doing the same. This has led to “learning BFFs” within workplaces — friends who support each other in their learning journeys.

Over half of professionals believe loud learning directly supports their career growth as the practice provides mentorship opportunities (31%), increases job satisfaction (29%), and opens doors to new career opportunities (29%).

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Pooja Chhabria, LinkedIn’s career expert for APAC, highlights the importance of continuous learning in today’s job market.

Skills needed for a job are expected to change by 50% on average by 2030, and emerging tech like generative AI is expected to accelerate this change to 72% in Singapore,” she explained.

Ms Chhabria also encourages professionals to embrace loud learning to prioritise their learning journey and inspire others to do the same. “It is crucial that professionals focus on upskilling and learning to future-proof their careers,” she noted. /TISG

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