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SINGAPORE: Deliveroo Singapore has announced its Deliveroo Rider Academy expansion, providing over 1,500 courses free of charge to self-employed riders and their families, in partnership with Lynx Educate.

This collaboration aims to cater to the rising demand for upskilling and continual learning in line with Singapore’s goal on the importance of upskilling and continuous learning to meet productivity growth targets.

The SkillsFuture Level-Up programme addresses the growing demand for upskilling. The partnership of Deliveroo and Lynx Educate brings together various learning providers and higher education institutions, providing Deliveroo riders with access to a diverse range of online courses to enhance their career prospects.

Riders can choose from over 1,500 courses covering various fields such as business management, coding, data science, project management, and photography, among others, provided by reputable institutions like The Open University, OpenClassrooms, and Chegg Skills.

The Deliveroo Rider Academy also offers advanced vocational and academic courses, including the ‘Web Developer – Skills Bootcamp,’ upon successful application, aimed at providing riders and their families with higher qualifications.

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What sets this programme apart is its inclusivity, allowing riders to extend the benefit to their family members.

Since its inception in 2019, the Rider Academy has garnered strong interest among Singaporean riders, with over 600 courses undertaken so far.

Digital skills have emerged as a key area of interest, reflecting the country’s Smart Nation initiative. Notably, courses such as ‘Learn Python Basics for Data Analysis,’ ‘Build Your First Web Pages with HTML and CSS,’ and ‘Discover Digital Marketing’ have been popular choices among riders.

Muhamad Rashid, a 31-year-old Deliveroo rider who also works as a Quick Response Officer in the security industry, is an advocate for upskilling. With over 700 hours spent on OpenClassrooms courses, he believed in the importance of lifelong learning in staying prepared for career shifts and opportunities.

He said, “I have a Diploma in Game Design, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to brush up on my technical skills with the free upskilling courses, much thanks to Deliveroo and OpenClassrooms.

“Even though I work in a completely different sector now, it’s always good to have options and be open to possibilities in shifting industries. You won’t know what the future will hold, so it’s best to always be prepared by learning as much as you can.”

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The initiative goes beyond offering short courses; riders can also apply for six-month intensive scholarship programmes provided by OpenClassrooms, equivalent to an associate degree level of education.

Mr Mohamed Nizamudeen is a 46-year-old Deliveroo rider who was the first to complete the OpenClassrooms scholarship last year. He highlighted the impact of such programmes on professional career growth and market competitiveness. He had a background in marketing and took up OpenClassrooms’s Diploma in Digital Marketing course.

He shared, “I was very heartened when I first heard that I was enrolled in Deliveroo Rider Academy’s scholarship programme. I always had plans on landing a job in marketing so I’m sure this Diploma will be helpful in my resume as I expand my skill set within the industry. I understand how competitive it is out there, so I’m very thankful to Deliveroo for their support in my professional career growth.”

Mr Jason Parke, General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore, expressed his joy in witnessing the positive reception of the Rider Academy among riders since its launch.

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He said, “Our partnership with Lynx Educate is a strong testament to our commitment to the growth and development of our riders, and we look forward to seeing more of them pursue their aspirations with the expansion of our course offerings.”

Sylvie Milverton, CEO, and co-founder of Lynx Educate, echoes this sentiment, stating that Lynx is proud to partner with Deliveroo in managing its Rider Academy.

She said, “By leveraging our extensive network of educational partners on our platform, they will now have access to participate in meaningful learning programs and explore their career interests. We share Deliveroo’s commitment to offering education as a way to support and show appreciation for their valued riders.” /TISG

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