In “The Midnight Studio,” a tale of romance unfolds in a unique professional photo studio catering exclusively to the deceased.

Joo Won portrays Seo Ki Joo, a brusque photographer managing the studio, while Kwon Nara embodies the role of Han Bom, an ardent lawyer who extends legal counsel to the ghostly clientele frequenting the studio.

Han Bom, characterized by her fervent dedication to both love and her profession, has garnered widespread admiration from viewers.

Her unreserved, devoid-of-inhibition expression of emotions resonates with Seo Ki Joo and the audience.

Photo: Instagram/Joo Won

Three ways of affection

Here are three distinct instances where Han Bom conveys her affection for Ki Joo:

Upon realizing the challenges of Ki Joo’s world, particularly his interaction with ghosts, Han Bom extends a heartfelt compliment, acknowledging his efforts, which deeply touches Ki Joo.

Despite Ki Joo’s plea for her protection against the ghostly realm, Han Bom initially declines, haunted by past traumas. However, witnessing Ki Joo’s constant sacrifices prompts a change of heart, leading her to offer herself as his safe haven.

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Blossoming romance

Following a successful legal endeavour benefiting the studio and its guests, Han Bom personally requests Ki Joo’s services in exchange.

Despite Ki Joo’s concerns for her well-being, Han Bom boldly seals their agreement with a kiss, symbolizing a significant step in their blossoming romance.

As the narrative of “The Midnight Studio” unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate the next episode airing on April 9th at 10 p.m. KST.