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Internalising violence has made Singaporeans a bunch of uncompassionate people




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By: teo Soh Lung

Monkeys will soon be culled because AVA had received about 160 complaints.

Meanwhile, my friends who are deeply concerned with rescuing animals, birds and reptiles comb the whole island. They save animals from AVA’s pound. They are running round in circles.

How many lives can they save when the source of the problems is not resolved and when no attempt is made by AVA to solve this?

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When I was a kid, dogs were shot dead on the streets and estate compound. The dog shooters went round murdering them. So when we hear the first shot, my mother would run to the window of our SIT flat to yell “Or Him come home! The dog shooters are here!”

My black dog runs up the stairs and we open the door of our second floor flats. He immediately goes under the bed and will hide till the coast is clear.

Singapore is a city state and according to our practical government, the only life that is occasionally precious to them is the human life. The rest form the scums of the earth. The easiest way though the cruelest way to solve the problem of strays and wild animals is to kill. After all, Singapore believes in capital punishment. If we can allow the killing of human beings, what is a dog or cat or bird or snake?

I think we have internalised so much violence that we have become a people without compassion. We don’t care if our neighbours suffer. We don’t care about animals and birds dying. We don’t care when a person is hanged.

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So how do we solve the problem of monkey attacks. We are not a creative and gentle people who will try to accommodate both animals and humans. We only know how to kill.

But wait, 70 years ago, the government brutally killed stray dogs. Today, we still have stray dogs. Killing has not eliminated strays.

Come on AVA. Wake up and do the right thing. Don’t waste taxpayers’ money using ineffective methods. Tell those who build houses, offices and shopping malls and mow down hills to stop their work! Monkeys, birds and reptiles need our trees and forests. We should understand their needs. We have homes. They too need homes.

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