Singapore ― A vehicle was spotted manually displaying a probational licence plate (P-plate) to other road users, garnering a score of zero for compliance but 10 for effort.

“The P-plate stands for probational plate driver. This is to warn others that this is a newbie driver,” wrote Facebook page on Tuesday (Sept 28).

“Funny that the back passenger needs to hand-hold it for the driver,” the post added.

Attached was a video caught on a dashboard camera whereby a Honda Civic was spotted on the road with an unusual way of letting other road users know that the driver had a P-plate.

A lorry was seen behind the Civic, attempting to overtake.

As the vehicle recording the scene approached the Civic, an outstretched arm from the window became visible.

Photo: FB screengrab/

Drivers are given a P-plate for one year following the acquisition of a driving licence.

“You will be required to display a P-plate at the top right portion of the front windscreen and the rear windscreen of your vehicle,” noted

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“Failure to display your P-plate may result in a fine for the first time and an immediate revocation of your driving licence for the subsequent time,” it added.

Drivers who accumulated more than 12 demerit points during the probation period will also have their licence revoked.

In response to the video, members from the online community gave the individuals in the Civic a score of 10 for the effort, despite failing to comply with the rules.

Others highlighted that the P-plate’s sticker might have come loose.

“At least still bother to try to show the plate, although to hold it inside the car seems easier,” said Facebook user Kim Min. /TISG

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ByHana O