Singapore – A Toyota Prius driver with a probationary licence plate (P-plate) was spotted stepping out to pay her parking fees, but she forgot to put the vehicle into park, resulting in an accident after the car rolled away and crashed into another vehicle.

On Wednesday (March 10), Facebook page uploaded a video of the incident taken by a dashboard camera at the McDonald’s car park in Ang Mo Kio Street 12.

A woman in a sundress could be seen stepping out to insert her cash card at the gantry machine, leaving the vehicle door open.

Photo: FB screengrab/

A few moments later, the vehicle starts rolling away, hitting the gantry barrier and causing it to bend under the impact.

Photo: FB screengrab/

The woman chases the vehicle as it rolls away.

Photo: FB screengrab/

Unable to stop, the Prius crashes into another parked car.

Photo: FB screengrab/

According to the post, the vehicle had a P-plate, which is an indication of the one-year probation period granted to a motorist after he or she is given a driving licence. The driver is required to display the P-plate at the top right portion of the front of the windscreen and the rear windscreen of the vehicle.

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Failure to display a P-plate may result in a fine for the first time and immediate revocation of your driving licence for the subsequent time, noted Singapore Legal Advice.

The website adds, “During the probation period, if you accumulate more than 12 demerit points within the year, your licence will be revoked.”/TISG

Prius driver forgets to put car in parking gear, car rolls away and crashes into another parked car

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