Zhengzhou — Although Cecilia Cheung did not win in the second season of Sisters Who Made Waves when she did not make it to the final group, she can’t be called a “loser”. The star’s fame and value went up in China thanks to her high-profile participation, which garnered several headlines both good and bad, with brands all over China scrambling to recruit Cheung as their ambassador. Seeing the waves she made at her recent public appearance, you will understand why.

The mother of three, who turns 41 on May 24, appeared at an event on May 16 at a fashion boutique in Zhengzhou, where she received a warm welcome from a large number of onlookers. It was reported that there were endless shouts of “Love you, Cecilia!” and “Cecilia, you’re so beautiful!” “At least 50” security guards were present to maintain order, but that could not avoid what happened to Cheung at the photo wall.

Cheung was posing for photos with her fans when she suddenly received a surprise hug and kiss on the cheek from a very enthusiastic female admirer,  reported 8days.sg. It looks like social distancing is no longer a thing there. The actress appeared surprised and even slightly afraid initially, then she quickly calmed down and smiled awkwardly. The fan looked happy that she managed to pull off the stunt.

Cecilia Cheung still maintains her youthful beauty. Picture: Weibo

If the fan were a man, the outcome definitely would have been different. Interestingly, the kiss did not attract as much talk among netizens as something else: Cheung’s looks.

Photos started circulating online after the event with the hot topic, “Cecilia Cheung’s unedited pictures”, trending on Weibo.

Gushing comments include: “Does one experience any troubles in life looking like that?”, “She hasn’t changed from 20 years ago”, and “An ageless goddess! She really hasn’t changed at all even after giving birth to three children!”/TISG