Sport Singapore rolls out MyActiveSG+

SINGAPORE: Sport Singapore (SportSG) has announced the rollout of MyActiveSG+, a new booking platform for members to access sports facilities. Following a successful beta phase that commenced on March 1, the full launch is scheduled for June 15.

The Straits Times reported that at a media briefing held at the ActiveSG Delta Sport Centre on May 2, SportSG revealed that MyActiveSG+ will replace the existing ActiveSG Membership Management System, which has been in operation since 2014.

This decision comes after careful consideration of user feedback and observations gathered over the years, including insights from the beta phase involving over 2,000 users.

MyActiveSG+ ballot system for a fair booking process

One of the standout features of MyActiveSG+ is its ballot system for peak hour slots across all sports facilities. Addressing longstanding concerns about the fairness of the booking process, this feature aims to eliminate the need for users to engage in a frantic race to secure slots when booking windows open, some as early as 7am.

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This comes in response to previous incidents of resellers exploiting the system, particularly in the case of badminton court bookings, as reported by The Straits Times in January 2021. By introducing the balloting system, SportSG hopes to mitigate such issues and ensure a level playing field for all members.

Mr Alan Goh, CEO of SportSG, expressed confidence in the effectiveness of MyActiveSG+, stating that the platform addresses the top complaints from users regarding peak hour bookings and the use of scripting and bots.

He stated, “Over the years, the top two complaints have been about not being able to book courts at very popular peak hour slots and about scripting and bots. And I think this new application resolves that.

Planning for the new system began in 2022, with a focus on providing users with an easy-to-use and secure platform for accessing facilities.

How the MyActiveSG+ ballot system works

Under the new system, the booking window for peak hour slots will open 14 days in advance and remain open for 24 hours, allowing users ample time to consider their preferred slots.

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Peak hours are 6pm to 10pm on weekdays, while 7am to 10pm on weekends and public holidays. Successful balloters will receive confirmation via SMS the following day, with payment due by 11:59 pm.

Members are required to sign up and log in using Singpass, thereby eliminating the possibility of multiple accounts for booking purposes. Also, SportSG is working on implementing a refunds and cancellations feature, expected to be rolled out in the future.

Concerns raised on MyActiveSG+ introduction

While the introduction of MyActiveSG+ has been largely welcomed by users such as 55-year-old business owner, Julie Lim, who found success with the beta platform, some concerns have been raised, particularly by coaches reliant on regular bookings for their sessions.

The 26-year-old badminton coach, Eng Chin An, expressed apprehension about the impact of the balloting system on regular users.

In response to such concerns, Mr Tan Hock Leong, ActiveSG Chief, assured users that discussions have been held with relevant organisations like the National Instructors & Coaches Association (NICA), to refine the system based on feedback. The goal, he emphasised, is to ensure a “fair and transparent” system for all users.

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As SportSG prepares for the transition to MyActiveSG+, members can expect a phased migration of services between June 15 and 30, with ActiveSG Credits being transferred from the existing system.

To mark ActiveSG’s 10th anniversary, members who log in to MyActiveSG+ between June 15 and August 31 will receive a one-time top-up of S$10 in credits.

Although key features of MyActiveSG+ will be available by August 15, the current system will remain accessible until October 1 to facilitate the transition.

To know more about MyActiveSG+ check here, and to check the beta site, check here.  /TISG