SINGAPORE: An employer who was very pleased with her helper took to social media asking if she could extend her helper’s Work Permit (WP) even though her maid was about to turn 60.

According to the Manpower Ministry (MOM), one can apply for a new Work Permit for a migrant domestic worker (MDW) who is

  • at least 23 years old and below the age of 50 if not a Malaysian
  • at least 23 years old and below the age of 58 if a Malaysian.

The MOM website also states that employers can renew their migrant domestic worker’s Work Permit only until she is aged 60.

In a post to a support group on social media for domestic helpers and employers alike, the woman wrote: “In December our lovely helper will turn 60 and will loose her work pass. Because of her excellent performance we are working on an appeal letter to MOM. Anyone has successful experience with renewing a WP as a 60+ MDW?”

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Other helpers who experienced the same issue commented on the post. One said: “Yes! I am 60 yrs. Old as well, we recieved a letter from MOM, they told my employers that get ready to send me back home, cause I already reach the age limit as a Domestic helper here in Singapore, my employers wrote an appeal letter, that they still need me, and work with them for 12 yrs. And thanks God permit renewed for another 2 yrs. but need to go for medical check up, like ECG, Xray, blood test, as long as your physically fit to work without any health issues”.

Another helper also commented: “I have a Filipino friend who’s still working here with same employer at the age of 67 employed to a local chinese family for about 35 yrs or longer… she’s indeed an inspiration to many… despite having struggles and hardships.. i salute her endurance, patience, love and dedication to her job!”

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Earlier this year, a foreign domestic helper took to social media asking for advice after her employer wanted her to work for an additional two months after the expiry of her Work Permit (WP) and contract. In an anonymous post to a support group on social media for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid explained that she signed a contract with her employer on Nov 14, 2021. Her Work Permit (WP) was approved on Nov 27, 2021. However, because her employer went on holiday for the entirety of December 2021, she only officially started work in January 2022. Because of this, “now my boss wants me to work with them until January 2024 without renewing my work permit”, the helper wrote.