SINGAPORE: A young woman recently took to social media to express her gratitude towards their former domestic helper.

In her post on r/askSingapore, she wrote a touching account about how the domestic helper, whom she lovingly called “auntie,” had a significant impact on her upbringing, acting as a guardian figure from her childhood through university years.

“Both my parents were always too busy to take care of me because they both worked… She taught me life skills that I wouldn’t have learnt if not through her (e.g. sewing, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.),” she said.

“She is family to me, as I am to her.”

The woman also shared that although their helper no longer worked for them, they maintained a close relationship and often saw each other.

She then asked others, “What’s the best story you’ve heard about a domestic helper?”

Other Singaporeans share their own heartwarming stories in the discussion thread

In the comments section, many Singaporean Redditors shared heartwarming stories about their domestic helpers, highlighting the positive impact these individuals have had on their lives.

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One Redditor shared a touching anecdote about their grandmother’s former helper, writing, “She took very good care of my grandmother and was devastated when she passed. At my grandmother’s funeral, she was inconsolable.

My aunt offered to take over her contract after (they’re on extremely good terms), but she declined and said that she was going to go back to Philippines for a while to recover emotionally.

We’ve kept in contact and she’s on her way to becoming a registered nurse!”

Another Redditor recounted their 26-year journey with their helper, who became an integral part of their family.

“She watched me get married, and my husband loves her loads too. She knows my parents’ habits and quirks so well too, cooks delicious meals daily, even my dog loves her more than my parents.

I will always make the effort to eat at home to enjoy her meals, and I’ll always tell her the food is very delicious which makes her so so happy.

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She is really my second mum and I love her loads, but I know she is getting close to retirement soon, and I know I’ll be super emotional when she goes home but I know she deserves it.”

A third Redditor reflected on their upbringing with a domestic helper who cared for them for 12 years until they were 16 years old.

“The day she left, my brother and I bawled our eyes out. We had to let her ‘cause my grandparents had passed and my parents wanted us to be more independent.

And I finally reunited with her after 16 years! We were both crying and hugging and it was like a time capsule talking to her. She suffered a lot of hardship after she left us. She told me she’s really proud of me like seeing me all working and all.

And likewise, she managed to bring her son to Dubai to work and he was the waiter who served us at the restaurant we met at. It was super nice but i felt a little sad cus i realise she took care of me for most of her son’s life… instead of her son.

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But anyway it was super nice and she helped to be our guide as we explored one of the mosques in Dubai!”

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