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Employer says her maid is a burden as she naps for 3 hours in the afternoons, sleeps by 9pm and was caught sneaking out on weekdays

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"Is she taking us for granted?" the employer asks

SINGAPORE: An employer who said that her maid was more of a burden than help took to social media stating that she wanted to let the helper go.

The woman explained that the maid was a transfer helper who had worked for the family for over a year. “She has 4 weekdays off per month where all PH holiday will be compensated atop of red packet or gift for festival season. She eat what we eat and her duties are taking care of 2 toddler and households chores”.

The employer added that one of the maid’s duties was to send her two children to school daily at 8 am. Their school was a 5-minute walk away, but the helper would only return much later, at 9.30 am. The maid would also tell her employers that the reason for her delay was that she went to exercise, despite her only going out in slippers.

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“After returning back, she will do the households chores and finish by 130pm where she will head back to her own private room with aircon and WiFi till 430pm where she will prepare cooking and pick up the kids at 6pm. Every single time, she will hide in the room during dinner time and never once automatically come and help feed the toddler unless being told so”, the woman added.

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She said that her maid did not take the initiative to do any chores and had to be instructed to do so. When her children go to bed around 9 pm, she added that her helper would retire at that time too.

She did not place any restriction on her maid’s phone usage, so the employer also wrote that “Her phone usage I believe is almost 24/7 where most of the times can be used till the wee morning and even when taking care of the kids alone, she is always on the phone”.

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While the employer admitted that the maid was independently able to handle her two children, she felt that it was all the maid had to offer. “she got caught going out during weekdays multiple times leaving the house at 11am and returning back home at 430pm daily till I gave her a verbal warning. Is she taking us for granted?” the woman asked others in the group.

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Most netizens who commented on the post felt that the maid took the employer for granted. They suggested that the employer go as far as sending the maid back home. /TISG

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