SINGAPORE: An employer took to social media asking if the insurance she bought for her current helper would be transferrable to a new maid.

In an anonymous post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the employer wrote that her maid was a direct hire without an agency. She added that within a month of her maid’s arrival, it became clear that her maid was not keen on “doing helper duties but seriously trying to source for upskilling and join a different industry in Singapore. everyone has their rights to chase their dreams and live a qualitative and happy life. but to do so at the expense of another is disappointing”.

The woman asked others for advice on the matter. She also thanked other helpers for “being the helping hand of the families here”. Netizens who commented said it was unfair of the helper to behave as such. One said: “That’s unfair. Not good take advantage other people to chase your dream.. U can finish the contract then change job if u want.. Check ur insurance if its refundable not 100% and there’s a period of time”. Another netizen commented: “He/She should have at least finish her contract with you. Tell your helper if you blacklisted him/her, then working in Singapore will not be allowed by MOM”.

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Earlier this year, a foreign domestic helper’s employer took to social media after the maid wanted to be sent back to the agency after barely a week of working. In a post to a support Facebook group for domestic helpers, the employer wrote that during an interview with the maid, she conveyed that the main job scope would be to care for her two children.

The maid agreed and was hired to look after her two daughters. The employer wrote that during the interview, she warned the helper that her two daughters were “quite naughty”. The maid agreed and said that she would be able to look after the children. However, five days in, she said she could not handle the woman’s children when her employers were not around.

The woman explained that she and her husband were working adults and could not always be around. After assessing the maid’s attitude, the woman wrote that she decided to get a replacement helper from the agency. However, the woman added: “i still need to pay to agent for her meal in 21 days and get back insurance only 50% and still paper work fee another $200 plus ?? I think is not fair at all”.

Maid insists during interview she can care for children but after 5 days says she can’t; employer asks why she must still bear cost of meals, insurance & paperwork fee